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Meadowood Condo.com is provided by local area specialist broker Shan Roberts of IE & OC Homefinder Team, and is dedicated to providing local area home sales information.


Broker Shan Roberts grew up here in Rancho Cucamonga and started his real estate career at Century 21 Beachside on Haven and Foothill. His family has lived in the Meadowood since 1986, He is a true area specialist. He has since then allied his real estate company with a number of area specialists throughout southern California, along with working with a skilled team of escrow officers, mortgage professionals, and title experts. By keeping a close knit team, we are able to offer better service at a huge savings to you.


Listing Specialist!

With the real estate market coming back into full swing, Listing Broker Shan Roberts is now focusing his efforts on making the IE Homefinder Team the premiere listing company's in Rancho Cucamonga. Providing listing services that go far beyond what the average agent can offer.


We have listing programs that start as low as 3.9%. We can save you thousands in real estate commission and still offer your more marketing services than other companies that are charging 5, 6, or even 7%.


Marketing Tools Offered at 3.9%

  • Work Directly with Broker

  • Featured on our over 30 high ranking sites

  • Placement on 200 of the top Reality sites

  • Professional Grade Photos & Panoramic

  • Offer Commission to outside agents

  • Professionally Grade Photos & Panoramic

  • Reverse prospecting our online Buyers

  • Direct marketing to local area

  • Email  blast ten's of thousands of agents

  • Online Community Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Paid Online Advertising


  • Full MLS Listing

  • High quality Flyers

  • Digital Lock Box

  • Open Houses

  • Signage

  • Broker is also a lender


Call us today to get a free home valuation done on your home, along with a net sheet allowing you to see just how much money you can really make on the sell of your home. Call Shan Robert direct at: 909-493-LIST that's 909-493-5478


About Broker Shan Roberts

Listing Broker Shan Roberts has over 18 years of experience in Real Estate, Internet, Marketing and Lending, he lives, breathes and love this business and has adapted the companies business model to work with today's progressive and ever changing demands.  Broker Shan Roberts was lucky enough to get into the real estate business at the beginning of the digital age. Being technologically inclined he has taken advantage of most every advance in real estate industry as it was developed.  Throughout the years Shan has become so proficient in marketing,  that during the downturn in the market he was asked to start developing marketing strategies and products for other companies, which eventually lead to him opening Inadrek llc Multi-Media & Marketing in 2006. By combining  his talents with Multi-Media & Marketing and adapting it into real estate & lending, Shan has come up with the The Homefinder Team concepts that help his clients save ten's of thousands of dollars in real estate commission, while still receiving superior service.


Shan Roberts is in charge of all Listing here at the  Homefinder Team. When working with Shan you are working with not a mere agent but directly with the Broker/Owner. Also being a fully licensed NMLS Loan Originator you can be assured that he can also handle any of your loan questions you may have. Because of his combined background in Real Estate & Lending he has a huge advantage over the competition, you can rest assured is negotiation skills and knowledge on real estate laws are second to none. Shan is one of the few agents that makes himself available to he clients 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


Feel free to call Shan Robert direct at: 949-391-5091 with any question you may have about our company.


The IE Homefinder Team Concept!

In the 18 years Broker Shan Roberts has been in real estate, he has had the pleasure of working for Re/max, Century 21, Prudential, Realty One Group and Evergreen realty & loan. Not only did he learn all these companies tricks of the trade, he has also developed many relationships with agents from all of these companies.


So when he opened the Homefinder Team he said to himself: why have a few buyers agent that would work for our company, when we can employ the best agents from all the other companies around southern California that are truly area specialist. and with that the Homefinder Team concept was born. When buying a home it is really important to work with a true area specialist to point things out like if there is a small airport that has tons of weekend flight traffic, or even worse a sewage treatment plant that give off a fowl odor around 8pm every night. Now you can see why working with a true area specialist when Buying a home is key to getting all the information needed in making a good buying decision.


The IE Homefinder Team give you the best of both sides of the real estate transaction by allowing you to work with our company directly on listing side, saving you thousands of dollars in real estate commissions,  and also allow you to work with one of our Homefinder team area specialist buyers agents that may be from a different company. There no extra fee or charge by doing this. It simply allows you to get better service while saving money.


Now a lot of people ask me: "I thought I had  to use the same real estate professional to both sell and buy with?"

Answer: No. and as you can see, by doing that you maybe doing yourself a disservice.


Question you might be asking yourself : "Shouldn't my listing agent also be from the area my home resides in?"

Answer: That's really not important at all on the listing side of the transaction, but when you go to buy your home, its very important to work with a local area expert. When listing your home you need to concern yourself with is how skilled are they on modern forms of marketing homes online, how good are their negotiations skills, and last but not least how much they going to charge to sell your home.


Looking to Buy! call Broker Shan Robert direct at: 909-493-LIST to help put you with one of the Homefinder Teams area specialist.


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